Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ADP: Private Sector Added 213,000 Jobs in January

According to the ADP National Employment report, the private sector added 213,000 jobs in January, 40,000 fewer than December, as both goods-producing and services sectors experienced decreased growth compared to the previous month. The January report upwardly revised the December and November headline numbers by 12,000 and 47,000 jobs, respectively.

Small businesses, companies with fewer than 49 employees, added 78,000 jobs, 37,000 fewer than in December. Medium businesses, companies with 50 to 499 employees, added 95,000 jobs, 17,000 more than in December. Large businesses, companies with greater than 500 employees, added 40,000 jobs in January, down from 61,000 jobs added in December.

Goods-producing employment rose by 31,000 jobs, a 16,000 job decrease from the previous month, as construction and manufacturing added a combined 32,000 jobs, 17,000 less than December.

The service-providing sector employment rose by 183,000 jobs, down from 207,000 in December. The slower growth in the service sector was primarily due to decreased job growth in the professional/business services and financial activities sectors, which added 42,000 jobs and 11,000 jobs, respectively, partially offset by an increase in trade/transportation/utilities, which added 54,000 jobs compared with 40,000 in December.

Read the ADP release.

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