Thursday, March 17, 2011

CPI Up 0.5%; Core Prices Up 0.2%

In February, the Consumer Price Index rose 0.5%. This was the third straight big rise. The recent drive up in the index has primarily been due to rising energy and food product prices. February was no different. Energy product prices jumped 3.4% over the month and food product prices rose 0.9%. The core index, which excludes prices of energy and food products, rose by a lesser 0.2%. However, though this is still modest, it continues a recent trend of relatively higher core inflation. Inflation is beginning to accelerate somewhat. Businesses are beginning to be able to pass through cost increases seen in the producer price index in recent months.

From a year prior, the CPI was 2.2% higher. The core CPI was up by only 1.1% from a year prior but this is considerably higher than the recent historical low of 0.6 percent.

M/M % ChangeFebJanDecNovOctSep
    Core CPI0.
Year/ Year % Ch.
    Core CPI1.

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