Monday, July 19, 2010

CPI Falls 0.1%; Core Prices Rise 0.2%

In June, the Consumer Price Index fell for a third straight month, dropping 0.1%. The index was again dragged down by declining energy prices, which fell 2.9% over the month. The core index, which excludes prices of energy and food products, rose 0.2% following a rise of 0.1% in May. The core index has been quite stable in recent months, increasing at a mild pace.

From a year prior, the CPI was 1.1% higher. This was down from a recent high of 2.8% in December; however, it is up from negative year-over-year changes as recently as last October. The core CPI was up by a slightly lesser 1.0% from a year prior. This has remained steady for the past three months and is a cyclical low. Inflationary pressure remains very mild, and with continued productive slack there is likely to be very little upward inflation movement in near future.

10.07.16 (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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