Thursday, April 22, 2010

PPI: Headline Up 0.7%; Core Prices Up 0.1%

In March, the Producer Price Index for finished goods jumped 0.7%, reversing a decline of similar magnitude of 0.6% in February. The volatility over these past months has largely been driven by changes in energy and food prices. The core index, which excludes prices of food and energy products, rose 0.1% over the month. From a year prior, the top line index was 6.1% higher, a reverse from a negative change as recently as last October. Producer prices including these volatile components are rising quickly. However, the core index is rising at a much slower pace with an increase of 0.9% from a year earlier.

10.04.22 (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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Anonymous said...

Jump in fuel, inexpensive cuts of meat, and produce sourced from Mexico. Big jumps in tomatoes and onions due to frost and flooding in Mexico according to friends in the produce industry. All the Best, GT

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